Compare Free and PRO Versions

Free Version

  • Browse your IG on your Mac
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PRO Version

  • Browse your IG on your Mac
  • Upload images from your Mac
  • Upload videos from your Mac
  • Schedule your IG posts
  • Automate your IG
Scheduled Posts

Schuled posts will make your IG posts easier.

IG Automation

With our IG for Mac app you can easily automate your IG workflow.

Create Beautiful Posts

Increase your followers with your beautiful posts.

IG for Mac makes your job easy! Why wait to improve your workflow? Automate your Instagram now!

Create a boost with your unique ideas using IG for Mac.

Automate your Instagram posts and get rid of the boring tasks. Gain time with our app.

And This Is Only The Beginning. IG for Mac Gets Better & Better!

We are constantly developing our app all time because we ourselves are using IG for Mac.